When they called I got here as fast as I possibly could;

I told them I’d be here…and that you knew I would.

I wasn’t prepared to see you lying there so still.

Your eyes were closed—you barely moved until--

Was it my imagination that I felt you squeeze my hand--or was it wishful thinking

That when I kissed you on your forehead, I swear I felt you winking?

I know that you are old and frail and your body has grown weak,

But somewhere in your heart, I pray, you hear these words I speak.

I promise I’ll treat you tenderly and love you every day

If God—in His infinite wisdom—on earth will let you stay;

But if that doesn’t happen, I’ll bid you on your way

And look forward to that future time when we’ll meet another day.

I stroked your hair until at last your body just stopped breathing;

I held you in my arms until I felt your heart quit beating.

And your soul passed on from this earthly world…

After almost 60 years, you’ve left your ‘little girl’.

We made a pact so long ago that when death came to be

If you went before my time, you’d save a place for me.

Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 




The Angel voice you hear singing is

Eva Cassidy
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Check it out!  You will be so much the
richer for having done so!

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