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Says This Old Man

Yes, I am old and quite alone
with fantasy only
to call my own
I've searched the web,
I've browsed the net
for one good woman
I've never met.

Some women had secrets
they dared lay bare
just fantasies only
none worthy to share!
All wisps of the wind
that no one can harness
as a fantasy empty
is an empty promise!

Though love is their quest
these ladies do seek
chemistry only
and play hide and seek!
They say they can't settle
for any old man
t'is hormones that spark them
that is their plan
and all while on edge
like kittens they purr
trying to look younger
than they really were!
I'm old now and wiser
and this I must say:
it matter little
with whom that you play!
If your lover is fine
and pampers you some
consider the blessing
and from your lover
don't run!
If you choose to wait
true love to you may come
but wanting while waiting
is not always fun!

And if you dare settle
but only for magic
When the end does come,
t'will surely be tragic!
You'll be quite alone
And your past you shall rue
For this is your story
it belongs but to you!
and never again
shall the rise of the sun
touch you as deeply
as when you were young.

And your soul will n'er blossom
your ears will n'er hear
Those magical words
"I love you my dear."



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used by permission
Copyright H.J. Gaudreau
All Rights Reserved 

Background music 
~ "As Time Goes By" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
Please visit his web site
 Fireside melodies for Lovers