There is a place; I go to rest,

A place, Godís hand has surely blessed,

Itís my escape, from worldly cares,

From times when I feel so distressed,


I tell no one, this place I go,

That frees my spirit, helps it grow,

In solitude, Iím always there,

The peace received, no one can know,


Age and time have gnarled the trees,

Rare beauty that is sure to please,

I feel at home, though all-alone,

My heart and soul at ease,


The world, itís complications, all,

Demand that I stand tall or fall,

My place I go there on my own,

Serenity now calls,


I rest on grass, so sweet and green,

Such beauty I have never seen,

My spirit calm, my soul fed,

Surroundings so serene,


In all my life, Iíll nary be,

So peaceful, they will carry me,

When time has come and I am dead,

Itís here that they will bury me.

used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 



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