Some fifty-three years ago
my wife was just a 19 year old kid
When I asked her to marry me....
she said "I Do".... and did!

A big church wedding was planned
So that all our friends could see us wed
The bride all dressed in white that day
when to me she said "I Do".... and did!

The second of October came the day
when the groom was properly hid....
He didn't show up at all until
the bride said her "I Do".... and did!

 The groom in 'Tucks and Tails'
willing his bachelor hood to rid
lifted the veil before her face
and kissed the one
who sweetly said, "I Do....and did!

 In the bridal chamber that night
which was not up for bid
She looked her man in the eye
and said again, "I Do"....and did!

used by permission
Copyright Doc Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


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