A glow of translucent amber
Low in the evening sky!
A beautiful, ghostly reminder
Of a day that has quickly passed by.

Silhouetted by approaching darkness,
A silent tree watches the smiling sun
As it ends the perfect journey
That this very morning had just begun.

A storm cloud wanders across the sky,
Threatening the lovely amber light,
And a hush falls on the mountain,
As it gathers strength for the coming night.

In the stillness, in the shadows
Nature's vigil is everywhere...
In the Heavens, on the mountain top,
In the crispness of the clean, cool air!

And so, I watch with admiration
As the sun's glow begins to fade.
Enjoying every moment
Of evening's wondrous sun parade!

Silent sunset on the mountain;
Changing from green to glorious gold!
A vision presented for all to see...
A breathtaking beauty to behold!



used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
The picture used in this set was taken by 
Carole on a trip to Beech Mountain, N.C.
The poem was written while on the mountain.
All Rights Reserved 


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