So you're 'gonna have a baby!
Now isn't that the limit?
It's time to buy a bassinet
With lace and bows to trim it!

You'll need lots of diapers
And also safety pins,
'Cause when you think he's nice and dry...
You'll find he's wet again!

Now when you change his diaper
You'd better turn your face to pin it;
If you don't, you know what?
He's 'gonna wee wee in it!

You'll need lots of bottles
And nipples by the score!
By the time he has a tooth or two...
"Dad, go buy some more!"

Don't forget some little booties
To warm your baby's toes!
"These are much too large,"  you say?
Just see how fast he grows!

Be sure you burp your baby
After each and every feeding;"
Pat gently on his tiny back...
He's not a drum for beating!


Remember baby in his bath
Is slippery just like soap,
So hold him tightly --don't let go...
"Hey, Mom!  He won't float!"

Like to fall in bed and sleep a week?
Sorry!  Baby won't agree!
He'll wake you up 'round midnight...
Or one...or two...or three!

Hurry, Mommy!  Warm the bottle!"
"Here Daddy!  Walk the floor!"
Don't I recall your saying,
"We'd like a dozen more?"


When he's been a perfect angel
And it seems he never cries--
"Sure!  He's a chip off the old block,"
Dad will boast with pride.

Then other days his crying
Will nearly drive you wild--
"Yep!" you'll hear his Daddy say,
"He's his Mother's child!"

When he's snuggled in his cradle
Pixie mouth and angel eyes--
The perfect time to show him off?--
That's the time he cries!


He's cozy 'neath his blanket--
Button nose and sleepy-eyed--
"Oh, isn't he an angel.....
Awww...he's  'gonna cry!"

Take baby when you go to church?
The sermon's only repetition?
HA!  Preacher will cut it short
When he hears baby's competition!

When there's a great show in town
(You know...the latest hit?),
You'll find those Grandparents handy---
They just love to baby sit!


When he starts to "creep" or "crawl",
Better put him in a playpen.
If you don't, you can get him out of mischief,
But he'll get back in again!

When you tuck him in his carriage
And go strolling down the street,
He'll bring a smile to tired faces
Of even strangers you chance to meet.

He's too young to know our language;
A "No" means "Yes" to him,
And when he's grown much older
It'll be no different then!


used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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