When dawn breaks

Scattering the darkness of our room

And a new day's light touches your face,

I look at you,



And I thank God for allowing us to walk through this life

As man and wife.

Though after many years of sharing

I do not completely understand you;

Your soul,

Your inner being

Must be beautiful as so much gentleness,

Warmth and kindness

Radiates from you.

Many times I find it disturbing that you are unable

To verbally express your love to me,

But then

It is only my own selfishness that creates this conflict.

You show your love to me

Many times over

In the way that you constantly pamper me.

Regardless of the changing circumstances

With each new day,

Your love seems always there

Stronger than yesterday,

Less than tomorrow.

I thought I always knew love

But realize now that before I met you

I had none.

You taught me love.

To say

"I love you"

Does not do justice to what I feel.

My love for you is unspeakable,

It is feeling that has no adequate words to describe it.

You fill me with more love

Than you will ever know.

When each day is over

And in the darkness of our room we lay


In our bed.

I touch your hair,

Your cheek,

I feel the warmth of not just a body,

But of a soul.

I close my eyes to the world

And I thank God for allowing us to walk through this life

As man and wife

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


Many Thanks to my friend Brenda
for allowing me to use her photo of
her gorgeous rose to make the background set.


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