~ Carole McLaughlin ~
All Rights Reserved


Watching The Cars Whiz By,
Trucks and Bikes Follow Along.
Across The Bridge They Hurry,
On and on and on.


The Bridge Silently Awaits Them All,
Calmly Passes Each To The Other Side.
Cars and Trucks and Bikes and People --
To Move Them All Is The Bridge's Pride.


Without The Bridge, We Could Not Escape
This Place Where We Were Born,
But We Can Use This Lovely Road
To Change Our Lives, Live Through The Storm.


Little Bridge, Silent In Sun Or Rain Or Snow,
Special Bridge Across The Stream.
We Will Always Be So Thankful
You Gave Us Entry To Our Dream!




The Rainbow Bridge photo used by permission
King Arthur's Court
Visit the King for a delightful journey.
Thank you Kingsley.


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