I never intended to go shopping that day. 
My mind was wandering-my heart led the way 
Straight to the aisle with the worn out discards-- 
Old dolls-old toys-all abandoned and scarred. 
I hardly noticed where I was in
that store 
My mind on myself and…I think the seashore. 
I was thinking of me and my own lonely life 
And how it seemed lately there was so much more strife 
I knew I desperately needed a friend
One on whom I could truly depend.
Wrapped in thoughts of only myself
That's when I saw her there alone on that shelf.

Stuffed in a corner and covered with dust,
She begged me to give her a reason to trust.
She looked so sad, but on her face was a smile
As she gazed at me from the toys in the pile.
She seemed to be wearing her Christmas best--
A little red hat and a red velvet dress.
Little green bows adorned her red hair,
But her big brown eyes just seemed to stare.
A few little freckles dotted her cheeks;
I silently prayed she'd find the friend that she seeks.

I couldn't help but wonder where she'd been before
Stuffed in a box…in a drawer…on the floor?
Had once she had been some little girl's friend
Until a brand new doll brought her an untimely end?
Was she some little one's Christmas gift and lit up their face,
But now her welcome worn out she just took up space?
Was she discarded for some newfangled toy
Or had time replaced her with some cute young boy?
Whatever the reason…wherever she'd been
Her usefulness now was destined to end.

Why then was I so drawn to this place?
Why were my eyes so fixed on her face?
What would I do with a doll to take home--
I was a woman used to being on my own--
A waste of my money that could better be spent
I'd be silly to pay even one red cent
 Suddenly I had to get out of that store
I just couldn't look at her anymore
 My heart was pounding as I hurried to leave,
Why I knew not--I was so naïve.

I had already gotten as far as the door
When I turned to look back at the dolly once more
Was that a tear I saw in her eye?
No, that can't be-a doll doesn't cry!
Through my own tears now I could hardly see!
For some reason she reminded me so much of me--
Feeling lost and alone with no one to call friend…
No one to be with her in the end…
No one to make her feel loved and secure…
No one to talk to when she was unsure.
I never thought I'd find a friend here--
How could I know a new friend was so near?

It seemed like forever I stood there in awe.
My enchantment with this doll that I saw
Was growing and winging its way to my heart
And suddenly I knew with a start
That this doll was already mine in my heart
With her in my life we'd make a fresh start.
She's gone now from her shelf where she sat all alone
The doll on the shelf has found a new home.

used by permission
Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 




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