Gentle as an evening breeze,

You’ve touched my heart and mind,

For you are truly Heaven’s child,

By God, you’ve been designed.


Sweeter than a song bird’s song,

In its melodic way,

You provide the rhythm for,

My journey on this day.


The beauty of your Spirit,

Is displayed upon your face,

It is reflected in your words,

And all your charm and grace.


And yet…….. you do not need to speak a word,

Still I would see and know,

The nature of your being is,

Reflected in your glow.


I’m glad our Spirits crossed in life,

For I am certain, blessed,

While traveling down, life’s winding path,

In search of happiness.


used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 

August 20, 2004



BBM Designs

The awesome sunset picture used
in the making of this background set
was taken by
and used with her permission.
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to her site where you can see more of her photos.

The beautiful music is played by
Bjorn Lynne
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Fantasy Music Composer


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