Your Grandma and your Grandpa,

Wondered what to give to you,

We thought about a dolly,

But a dolly wouldn’t do,


We thought about a dressy, dress,

But you have quite a few,

There must be some unusual gift,

That we could get for you.


We looked at toys, stuffed animals,

And jewelry, you could wear,

So many things we thought were nice,

But weren’t sure you would care.


We tried to find that special gift,

That you might treasure, dear,

And after much consideration,

We picked for you, this mirror.


A mirror can be a lifelong friend,

That looks back when you stare,

And makes those funny faces,

While in solitude, you share,


You twist your tongue and wrinkle up,

Your nose and squint your eyes,

The mirror always imitates,

Your every new surprise.


One wonders if, in years to come,

They’ll be some recollections,

Of all the time, spent with your friend,

That childhood reflection.


And as the years begin to pass,

So slow, at first, it seems,

The mirror can be an avenue,

For you to reach your dreams.


Your fantasies and wishes can,

Be acted for the glass,

You can be, queen of all you see,

A lady filled with class.


As you grow up, each roll of life,

You’ll act out for the mirror,

And as you reach maturity,

Your image is more clear.


Though now you make those funny faces,

Twisting braided hair,

Soon you’ll be putting lipstick on,

With much exacting care.


For you will reach a stage in life,

New mixtures, newfound joys,

When they’ll begin to notice you,

Those handsome little boys.


Each day as you prepare for school,

You’ll look at your reflection,

A critical look from head to toe,

To see what needs correction.


There’ll be times, when you go on dates,

One last approving look,

And you will check your bloodshot eyes,

When you’ve been cracking books.


Slumber parties, masquerades,

Or when you clown around,

You’ll be the first to see yourself,

In your graduation gown.


Then someday, when you’ve stored your dolls,

And put away your toys,

The mirror will reflect in you,

More radiance and joy,


The blushing bride, in lace and white,

Is trembling with fear,

Though beautiful in every way,

She’s scared before the mirror.


Time passes rather quickly and,

You’ll hold a tiny child,

The mirror captures both of you,

Such beauty, undefiled,


Years come and go, your children grow,

The way they always do,

The mirror reflects an image,

It’s a grandchild, just like you.


Each step, each age, that you have met,

You may recall the past,

And oftentimes, the mirror may help,

The memories to last.


Someday when you have wrinkles,

And your hair has turned to gray,

You’ll look into the mirror as,

You start another day,


You’ll thank God for his blessings,

As, there have been quite a few,

For they’re reflected in the eyes,

The mirror shows to you,


You may recall your grandparents,

Who have long-since, gone above,

And through the mirror, you may see,

Reflections of their love.


Written for Tia Goodwin for

their grandparents, Ray & Jane Roe

used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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beautiful animated graphic
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