I met a man the other day,
While traveling life’s long, narrow way,
He’s traveled to exotic places,
Wore many hats and many faces,
This man who now is in his gray,
Is biding time for that new day,
When he will leave all earthly spaces,
Break the bonds; leave only traces.

He carries in his heart and soul,
A dream, a vision, and a goal,
That all who know him by his name,
Can see his world, the very same,
As he, on life’s stage, played each role,
The words he spoke and some not told,
The wars, the sights, the sounds the screams,
The nights of sweats, the horror dreams,

The fear that grips a heart near death;
The thought of drawing one last breath,
The real world so far, it seems,
They do not hear the dying screams.
The thought of drawing one last breath;
The fear that grips a heart near death.
His comrades, many, have gone on,
To face a new day, glorious dawn,

All at, one-time… part of the cast,
But they are fading very fast,
So many years have come and gone,
Time stands, not still, but marches on,
Yes they are fading very fast,
And soon will be part of the past,
Each time a vet is laid to rest,
Each time his deeds are then addressed,

The tears that fall, each time we cry,
Another soldier, hero, dies,
To know them we are truly blessed,
To lose them we have lost the best.
Our ranks are thinning, someone cries,
Another soldier, hero, dies.
Another flag on casket rest,
A hero home with all the rest,

This man I met, along life’s way,
As I was walking yesterday,
Is much like those, who’ve come and gone,
And those who still can march along,
Yet others down, in beds they lay,
Look forward to that bright new day.
Though tired, weary, weak or strong,
Each heart sings out a victory song.

Seek them; find them, where they are,
For they have brought us, oh so far,
Who filled the roles on stages past?
Who were the stars of their day’s cast?
Lift them up, wherever they are,
Let them shine like Heaven’s star,
Their ranks are thinning, fading fast,
Soon they, will be, part of the past.

............"A poem dedicated to C. Douglas Caffey and all the Veterans of World War II, .....those who have received their reward....... and those waiting"

used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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