Stacy McMahon - David Alan McLaughlin
November 15, 2003






On The Arm Of Her Father,  She walks down the aisle...

Toward her soon-to-be husband - they share a secret smile.

A tear slides free as I watch my son's face;

Enchanted by his bride - by her beauty and her grace.








They stand side by side (May it always be so)

And exchange solemn vows, there in the candles' glow.

A lovely young woman - a beloved daughter is she - 

A handsome young man - much loved by his whole family.








Two families, now joined by love...

Two cherished children we share!

And as they wed on this perfect day,

We want them to know how very much we care!


We wish you love and happiness, dear daughter...

We wish you love and happiness, dear son!

May your lives be filled with endless joy...

May your days be perfect - each and every one!





Let's celebrate this day,

Dear family and dear friends!

For this is a very special wedding...

A Loving beginning which will have no end!






So, as we smile upon the bride and groom

And wish them all that life can give,

Let's ask for them god's blessing

As long as they both shall live!


With our blessings and all our love,

Your parents


Mr. and Mrs. David Alan McLaughlin


Copyright Carole McLaughlin Worthley
All Rights Reserved 


The song playing was played at the wedding
 and is here for your listening pleasure:

My Wild Irish Rose
John Gary

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