Sunday, gentle Sunday,

Brings this week, down to a close.

A time for me to give to you,

A lovely yellow rose,

And with this rose, a wish for you,

That with the new week's start,

You'll know love, and peace and joy,

In mind, in soul and heart.


Perhaps, come midweek and you find,

A harried, hurried life,

Filled with naught but problems, trials,

And elements of strife,

Find a quiet, peaceful place,

Eyes closed, in sweet repose,

Meditate and contemplate, on this,

The Yellow Rose.

When at last, you are at peace,

Recount your sunny days,

For you've been blessed so often,

In so many, many ways.

All good things come, from God above,

or so the saying goes,

He gives us life, hope, love and joy,

and this, The Yellow Rose.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 






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