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There was an old guy named H.J.
Who enjoyed playing music his way.
He let it be known
He was a man of his own,
And he'd play only songs that he wanted!
Temperamental was he
Like any artist would be; 
But make no mistake
For posterity's sake,
His music was serious business!
The music he played he decided to share
With a few friends he knew here and there.
He recorded a song
And sent it along,
And quickly his 'send list' was growing!
Alas, a small problem was lurking around;
His fancy computer was letting him down--
A virus or two
Right out of the blue
Was solidly trying his patience.
His computer, you see,
That was the key!
He had such a time
He took it off line,
And vowed to get rid of the culprit!
He pulled the plugs from the wall…
Disconnected it all…
And day after day
Tried to give it away,
But none were there for the taking!
It wasn't his fault
Email came to a halt-
Sadly it was not of his choosing.
All had gone well
He'd been happy to tell…
That darned old computer had caused it.
Then into his life bounced a B.J. girl
And put his whole life in a glorious whirl!
She pleaded, cajoled,
Convinced, and consoled,
And said, "You just play and I'll send it!"
She tried her best
To soothe his distress.
She'd gently persuade
And finally he played-
Now she listens while he makes the music!
No more distress;
Her plan was best.
That 'send list' that grew?
She recovered that, too.
Now they're making lots of recordings!
So now their two lives are happy as one,
But on the computer for sure he is done.
She's doing it all
And having a ball.
Watch your mail--if you're lucky, you'll get one!

Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


The "Old Guy" this poem was written for 
decided to answer Joyce 
with a poem of his own:

Here It Be! De Trut!
 Don't ever pretend
A 'puter's your friend.
It's just a grand illusion.
 It will steal your time
Screw up your mind
Till you need
A mental transfusion!
 Bam! Crunch! Sassafras Damn!
A great ole feeling
That last big slam!
In the dumpster it goes!
Its sins now sowed
Ship ahoy sailor!
Thar she blows!
It's that quick!
That's how it's done;
A quick simple pleasure
And a large measure of fun.
A flight to Niagara,
Pockets crammed with Viagara!
Lookin' for a gal
Who won't run!
Women? Computers?
My mind rings a bell!
I think I'm starting t' smother.
Do I want a mother?
Trade one for another?
Oops! I'm creating
My own kind of hell.....
Ah! But here is someone
With blinking lashes
A hard drive that spins 
And NEVER crashes...
Super Duper! Holy Moley! 
I'm a goin' with the flow! 
Better than the 'puter...
Muddle some and cuddle some,
But what a way to go!
Hector John Gaudreau






Background music 
~ Glory of Love ~
performed by Brenda Jolly 

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