When the leaves turn gold and red
And fall is in the air
I will dream of our home town
And the love that we shared there 
I take a walk in the park, and stand by our pine tree
I think of all the time we spent there 
And I hope you can you feel me  
Take my hand, as you have always done
Send your secret message to me
Say you love me, in that special way
You know, how you tell me, 
Three tiny squeezes on my hand
As we always do, 
When others are around
We say I love you, to each other
With out making a sound
I remember how your eyes would shine
And that special smile of yours
Oh how happy you would always be
When I would squeeze your hand
And say I love you, in that special way
That only we could understand
We were young and shy when we started that
We didn't want anyone to hear us
But all through our years together
That's what we would always do
It was our own very special way
To say to each other,

used by permission
Copyright Jerri
All Rights Reserved 



Josh Groban  - "To Where You Are"
Midi's by
Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
used by permission



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