Your sisters love you dearly, understand this, very clearly.

We may not call, we may not write, but we do think of you, day and night.

We think of your pain, and your sorrow, and pray for you, a better tomorrow.

It is difficult for us to talk to you, for when we do, we often don’t see eye to eye.

We listen to you, about your past, which you tend to recall often and fast.

You have memories that we do not, we do not deny that they are true,

But by hearing about them constantly, they make us blue.

Crystal, we love you, and pray that you know,

Our love follows you, no matter where you go.

We are always with you, within your heart, just remember, we’re never “really” apart.

We are sisters, no one and nothing can ever change that.

Which means we share a bond, a strength that runs deep.

When one hurts, the others in one way or another, always weep.

As your sisters, we just want you to know, that we love you and wish you well.

For one day, our bonds will break, when God takes a soul, for they are his to take.

Until that time, we pray for you, for happiness, love, never ending joy.

So when the phone does not ring, or when that letter fails to arrive,

Still know that we love you, for a bond by sisters, only God can break.

When you are in doubt, and need some strength, look within yourself,

For we are there, our courage, our love, yours to take.

Never forget, no matter where we are, what we are doing, or who we are with,

If we look inside ourselves, we will find each other, always there, always strong,

Always loving, even in the gravest of times.


This poem used with the permission of the poet
who wishes to remain The Mystery Writer but you
may contact the poet by clicking on the email button



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