Bomb over Kobe, Japan March 5, 1945




Before I knew Bill

I had learned of Bob,

Both of the same DNA,

And Bill is a friend

Since Bob went away!



Bob said his "good-bye"

To this old Earth,

Flying his B-29, much alive,

Over Kobe Japan

One March night in ' 45!



Lewiston Idaho lost

A mighty son,

And Bill lost an uncle

On that Kobe, Japan run!



But Bob, we have

Not forgotten why you died,

But you were so young

To be the one scarificed!



We'll see you again

My B-29 friend,

Where pain and sorrow

Shall know an end!


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 

"Bob Copeland's crash was witnessed by POW's
who buried his body in Japanese sod"

To see a picture of Bob and to
read his diary, click here.  Then
look on left side for "Copeland's Diary".



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