Mary J. Estep
December 26, 1917 - September 21, 2003


Is it Mother's Day already?
I really wouldn't know.
Since you left here September
The days just come and go.
One is as another--
Just like the day before.
No matter how much time goes by,
I only miss you more.
But as I look around me
At precious children of my own,
I notice the little treasures
You left when you went Home.
I see you in their freckles-
In their eyes, your eyes of blue.
In my children's smiling faces
Are images of you.
As I take my children in my arms--
Give them a hug and kiss,
I realize you sent me a message
One that I could not miss!
Mother's Day is for loving--
For honor and respect.
Every day is Mother's Day
In this world or the next!
Copyright  Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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