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Vanishing Voices


Back in the days of World War II,

Our voices were heard across the sea;

Soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen

Came to find and fight the enemy.



Old Glory was our emblem true,

Waving for all to see, red, white, and blue.

The struggle was hard and trials long,

Yet we endured and sang freedom's song!



Thousands paid with their lives,

Leaving behind kids and wives.

Never again were their voices heard

Never uttering a solitary word.



While their voices have vanished,

Their deeds are known quite well.

From Normandy to Guadalcanal

They gave the enemy hell!



For those veterans who returned

To the land of their birth,

All of us are aged now awaiting

Interment within the Earth.



Ours are vanishing voices too,

For 2,000 of us a day,

Upon this nation's land,

Are veterans just wasting away.



But don't get us wrong,

We still sing freedom's song,

And would go to battle once more

Like we did in ' 41 through ' 44.


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


"D-Day" - Normandy and Beyond


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