Paul Tibbets, Commander
 Enola Gay,
dropped first atomic bomb on Hiroshima




We'll never forget to remember

What happened to Pearl in December.

Nor will we ever forget

Those brave men who sleep there yet!



Airmen in B-17's, like the Memphis Belle

Crisscrossing the skies of Germany, raising hell!

Thousands died from January thru December,

And they, we'll never forget to remember!



The Mighty 8th also flew the 24.

From these 'Flying Coffins', there was blood to spill;

We shall never forget to remember planes,

Sisters to the beautiful "Diamond Lil!"



North Korea raised her ugly head

Leaving thousands of Americans dead.

Our freedom, we'll never surrender,

And we'll never forget to remember!



Now Vietnam was a crazy war.

Taking thousands to settle the score.

For those who marched through gates of splendor,

We'll never forget to remember!



Now let me say before I go;

There was a battle called Cold Harbor,

On 3 June, 1864, when 9,500 Americans

Were killed, wounded, or missing within the

Span of an hour, and it burns like an ember.

We must never forget to remember!


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


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