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Do you want a website to promote your business?

Most any business can benefit by having their own website but the website for a small business can be an inexpensive way of advertising and telling people what you have to offer in the way of services. From major Corporations to Mom and Pop businesses, a web site can be the first step in making a name for yourself.

Do you want a website to publish your poetry and writings and share with family and friends?

Do you have boxes of thoughts on paper that you would like to share with other people?  Put them on a website.  Make a beautiful page, add some music and you have a place that many will come and visit and you will make many new friends from all over the world.

Are you a photographer or just the family picture taker and would you like to share your photos with family, friends and others? 

Sharing photos by way of a website is an ideal way to keep in touch with family near and far.  Putting photos on a web page for others to view is a great way to sell your work.

 Would you like to have your photos made into a PhotoShow that could be shared on the internet or even burned to a CD/DVD to be played on your TV?

I can take your photos and make them into slide shows or take your VHS tapes or your Hi8 or 8MM and make them into VHS or CD/DVD's to play and enjoy for years to come.

Do you have a poem or story and you would like that put on a web page to share with others but have no desire to have your own site?

Many times people contact me and they have a poem they would like to see "published" and would like a web page made for the writing but they have no desire to have their own web site.  

There are many reasons why someone might want or need a web site or just a web page.  If you think you might be one, let me help you design and create the site/page.  I will  also maintain the site for you if you have that need but if you would like to take over the on-going additions to the site, I will teach you how and help you to keep it going.  

Email me at the BBM Designs link 
and we will discuss details and pricing.

I wish I could simply put a price list on the page for you, but there are too many variables in the design and set up to give a basic set price.  Therefore we need to talk.  Once you contact me, I will email you back and get a phone number from you where I can call you and we can discuss your wants and needs and the details of how much.

Also I will set you up with a server that is the best and most reasonable on the web for your Site.  They will help you get your own domain name if you wish.

References and Links to websites/pages I have designed and/or maintain,  provided upon request.

  For Information and Pricing Contact 

Martha at BBM Designs


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