Bitter is the poison I must drink;
Black is the hole in which I sink.
Sad are the memories of past mistakes;
Frightening, the path that I must take.

Where was wisdom when she was needed?
Words from her I would have heeded.
Where was future, hidden from my eyes...
I could only imagine her bright blue skies!

And where was strength, I missed his coming;
Was he here, his muscles humming?
His presence I tried so hard to find...
He never came (or was I blind?)

But weakness came to me to stay,
Picking up his friends along the way.
He brought indecision, also sadness;
He locked out happiness along with gladness.

Unwelcome houseguests were they all...
Hanging around, hoping to see me fall.
Now I'll push them out the door!
I'll lock them out, you can be sure!

My welcome mat is not for them;
But awaits to welcome my truest friends.
Welcome, welcome each and every one...
I hope you'll stay 'til life is done!

Welcome love and loyalty too!
I want to be a friend to you!
Welcome honesty, welcome truth and caring...
With you my life I will be sharing!

Now I've found the key for happiness and gladness
Hidden deep in the pocket of shabby sadness.
Welcome all with surname "Good"!
I've longed for your coming (I knew you would!)

Now you're here, life's poison I shall not drink,
Nor in that black hole will I sink!
For you brought wisdom, then strength was found!
And friendship smiles from all around!

Armed with my "Good" friends, I'll try to find
The elusive future, no longer blind!
She's out there waiting, smiling just for me!
In my heart, I know she will be!




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