On a Sunday morning

December seven 1941,

Pearl Harbor was attacked

By planes from the Rising Sun.



Some of us were children then,

Yet we remember when

Patriotic songs were sung,

When we were very young.



We learned to grow up fast,

With "A" stickers on wind-shields for gas;

At times we were wild and so high-strung.

In those days when we were young!



Soon, Uncle Sam took note of us,

Saw that we could drive a car or bus;

So, from across this land far-flung.

Taught us to fly & fight, tho we were young!



Pilots, Navigators, Bombardiers

Gunners, Crew Chiefs, and Engineers;

From our homes we were sprung,

And went off to war when we were young!



Some learned how to fly

Silver planes up in the sky;

And some learned how to die

When shot down from the sky!



Now our youth has left us

Since those days of the forties,

When sailors sailed ships

And airmen flew sorties.


But our minds still

Take us back unsung,

To the years of WWII,

When we were young!


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


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