Where Have They Gone


I walk back to yesterday

When I was just a lad,

With my brother and sisters

And my mother and my dad.


There are so many memories

Crammed inside my head;

Memories flash in the daytime

And when I'm lying in bed.


With just a dime in my pocket

I could have peanuts and a coke,

Sharing conversation with friends

Even to the telling of a joke.


They were days before the War

When our world was O.K..

But Pearl Harbor came along

On a cold December day.


The sights and sounds of war

Stirred within the hearts of boys,

As boys turned into men

And we put away our toys!


Off we were to another place,

Dressed in tan or navy blue;

We learned to fly and fight.

And to be a soldier true.


Four years seemed like more

In those hectic days of war.

And when we returned

A nickel coke was a joke!


And ever since WWII

Memories hold us fast;

Now those boys are old

And nickel cokes long past.


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 




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