Whisper Of The Wind

Hear the wind as it whispers softly.
Hear it telling secrets in the night.
Hear the wind, gently calling
Calling out, its message strong and bright!

Listen to the wind, it has stories to tell.
It will lessen your burden if you listen
It will tell you what you need to hear
Let it ease your pain as the teardrops glisten!

When the wind blows and whispers in our ear
We must listen with our heart and mind.
When the wind whispers, it tells us many secrets...
Tells of love and peace and mysteries to find.

Heed the whisper of the wind,
Listen carefully to its call.
For it is with God's wisdom
Those whispers on our ears do fall!

Whatever you are doing now...
Hear it?  Listen to what it has to say.
Listen to the whispering wind
For God's wisdom is calling us today!

No matter who you are or what you want to hear
The whisper of the wind will not alarm you.
No matter who you are or what your worries today,
The whispering wind is there to calm you.

So listen to the whisper of the wind!
Pay heed to all it has to say...
Listen to the whisper in your ear
For God is talking to you today!


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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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