I devoted many years of my life to the Parent Teacher Association
To parents -- to teachers -- to young people in whom I believed
And in those I thought believed in me.
Who cares?  No one?
Who remembers?  None?
Did I give so much for so few... or was it so little for so many?
Might there be one teacher who remembers...or even one parent who cared?
Perhaps even one youngster who recalls that I was there?
Does anyone remember my name?
It has been so many years.
Did just one shed a tear...
A passing thought perhaps?  Has just one missed me?
Does anyone know I'm no longer here?
If there be one.. if only just one, even though it be my own,
Then the years are but a day because someone surely cared
And thus, my work was not in vain.
I will be remembered, for what I left remains a legacy to grow
And become a foundation for what they yet will know,
And the futures they will build.
Even though I'm no longer here,
I walk beside you still and share your fear.
I feel the anguish and touch your heartfelt tear
Shed year...after year...after year
For our youth.
Though you remember not my name, nor even from where I came...
Be not others so forgotten, for the help they give in time of need
Their memories should linger on and forever in your heart remain.


used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 




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