Life has knocked me down and hurt me.
I'm beaten, but won't allow myself to cry.
My heart drowns in red, hot anguish
I can only ask the question, "Why?"

Why has my love turned away?
Is it something I have said or done?
Or is it life's true plan for me
That I will be the lonely one?

No more tender moments with my love,
No longer sunshine in a bright, blue sky...
As teardrops glisten in my eyes,
There seems no answer to the question, "Why?"

I tell myself I must be strong,
No other must see my pain.
But strength no longer matters
If I'll not see my love again.

Why has this happened,
I loved him with all my heart!
I placed my future in his hands,
He tore my life apart!

I look back on our time together;
It was a stormy love affair.
I did my best, but now it's over;
He has left me; he doesn't care.

Happy days we shared together,
Days of sunshine and a bright blue sky.
Now he's gone; my heart lies broken
And I can only wonder, "Why?"




used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved