my friend is a word warrior,
writer of myths and stories for me and for you!
beautiful music and simple words,
He writes from a heart that is true!

his music fills us with a wondrous joy,
his words of love give us feelings warm,
He breathes life into the faintest heart
and helps us weather the fiercest storm.

whenever he wields his sword - like pen,
our warrior uses his words to show
that always in this frightening world
life and love and friendships grow!

he writes of castles and knights of old
he writes of adventure, of evil schemes.
he writes of never-Ending love
and he writes of hope and beautiful dreams.

hail the mighty word warrior so bold
he brings us happiness and sometimes tears,
with his sword of words and with his love
his pen writes words to calm our fears.

hail the mighty word warrior
bringing tears and making smiles
his words live in our hearts forever
words to make our lives worth while!

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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 

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