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I remember well...
I was at the Lake
a place I preferred to be.
I climbed a familiar
rocky hill and sat
in a shaded berth
beneath an old apple tree.
That was yesterday.
I now again recall
the delicate, soft,
white blossoms
that use to fall
gently tickling my nose
while gliding by
like unseen steeds
each forever
united in lonely residence
That was yesterday.
I keenly loved
those soothing tepid
playful friends
that never stopped
toying in whispers
that caused
rippled waters
to lick at
and cuddle close
to those aging cottages
withering below.
That was yesterday.
I watched with lifting mind
the splendor
of the burning sun
as it began to fall
so too
my youthful eyes
so weary
as I dreamed
of finding other posts
not unlike this one
you know
other magic places
where new adventures
dared abide
ones that I would
also cherish
among still
others that I'd
come to know.
That was yesterday.
I embraced the perfume
of those soft winds
who always
were my friends
and who always
gently whispered
my name back
to me.
That was yesterday.
I then later
wandered down to the comfort
at the bottom
of this rocky hill
where I'd create
new dreams after
slipping into the comfort
of my bed.
That was yesterday.
In darkness of the night
in that special
old summer place
that mother and daddy
loved so much
where wonderful mysterious
things always would
I was to grow
in limb and spirit.
That was yesterday.
I knew it so well
this quiet rustic retreat
that permitted nearby
tender waves
at night
to nod against
its tired and very old
but worthy frame.
That was yesterday.
But now those old adventures
that were only of the mind
I realize were escapades
but only at the time
yet totally real
as God.
I often dwell upon
old memories
those not whisked away by time
while some of them
still beckon me
while others hard
to find
but when I find one
it's difficult to know
if any of those not whisked away
were ever truly so...





used by permission
Copyright H.J. Gaudreau
All Rights Reserved 

Background music 
~ "Yesterday" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
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