A Child's Prayer

I hope you're listening, Jesus,
To what I have to say;
I know you're awful busy
Looking after us each day.

My Daddy says you'll listen
No matter how bad I've been;
He says as long as I let you
You'll always be my friend.

Mommy says you died for us
To save us from our sins,
She told me how they buried you
And how you came to life again.

It won't be long 'til Easter
And that's a special day,
'Cause that's the day the angels came
And rolled the stone away.

They wanted you to live again
And came to set you free
So all of us on earth would know
How great your love must be.

I know you live in Heaven now
And I just want to say
How very proud I'll be
To live with you some day.



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used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 

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