This day and all its dreariness,

The rain, the clouds of gray,

Make me desire you even more,

Than I did yesterday.


I wish that I could be there,

Lying close, there in our bed,

Demands on me, won't set me free,

And I stay here instead.


If I were there, I'd touch your hair,

I'd kiss your nose and cheek,

I'd put my finger to your lips,

Each time you'd try to speak.


I'd hold you close and tell you all

The love that's in my heart,

And as your lips were pressed on mine,

In rapture they would part.


I'd rub you gently, head to toe,

In manners that would please,

Then with your breath, upon my ear,

Dear, you would try to tease.


Soon we would both be lost in love,

With passions near afire,

Two hearts that beat as only one,

Consumed in our desire.


We'd do all things that lovers do,

And do them all again,

And we would never be aware,

Of dreariness and rain.


But dear...I'm here, and you are there,

Alone as it must be,

And if the choice were mine to make,

Then you would be with me.


I'll pass away this dreary day,

Alone...with thoughts of you,

And think about what could have been,

If I were there with you.


used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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