All alone, I roam from room to room
Looking at the still faces
Of these little people who share my life.

Wondering, if I could bring them to life,
What would they say to me?
Would they be kind, would they love me
As I love them, or would they seek to end
My life, in some cruel and fiendish way?

Do they not feel my love
Or is it that they do not want to?
These, the demon's of my soul
These beings with their flawless skin
And timeless beauty,
Who haunt my days & nights.

They multiply, even as I try
To control their number,
They are stronger than me.
Will they steal what little little sanity remains?

I am defenseless, I am weak,
I allow them to seduce me
Again and again, these beautiful
Demon's who are truly children of Satan 
Up from hell.

Have I given my life over to them
Or, is it that they have taken it away?
I am their willing slave, for I am powerless
I can't resist.

They laugh at my inability
To purge my life of them.
Even now they are scheming,
Soon others will join them.

And I, pathetic fool that I am,
Will welcome them
And love them dearly.

When will this madness end?
Not while I have even one breath,
For they have taken me over.
They control me now, I am helpless.


used by permission
Copyright Lois Holda
All Rights Reserved 



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