May, 2001

My head is bowed, my heartbeat slow,
There seems no reason to go on.
Finally, I have come to know
My joy in life is gone!

I stand alone, no one to care.
My tears fall freely now.
I stand alone, no one is there
To hear me make this vow.

I vow to wander on this earth
With smiles for all I meet.
I also vow that I am done
With thoughts of love so sweet.

Life knocks us down with evil grin,
It takes what courage we may show.
Life laughs at all who fall in love
Then makes the teardrops flow.

I am alone, will always be,
Without a love that's true..
For he has chosen to move on
To start his life anew.

He'll live his life without me,
Without a backward glance.
He'll move on without a thought
Of giving me another chance.

I am alone, will always be
My heart will have no home.
Grief has become a part of me,
For I don't want to be alone!

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved