Years ago, I suffered so,

When I had two in hand,

Life alone, while raising two,

Was nothing I had planned.


Few can know the struggles I,

Encountered with each day,

Frustration was my shadow as,

I traveled on my way.


I knew not then, the day we met,

That it was not by chance,

Iím so thankful our eyes met,

And then a second glance,


You came to me, my answer to,

My every, nightly prayer,

Oh Lord, please send someone to me,

Someone to love and care,


You took us in your heart and arms,

Became part of our life,

You took my two as part of you,

And then became my wife.


Iíll love you dear, until I die,

Iíll love you still in death,

For you are heart and soul to me

My nourishment, my breath.


So sweet your love, so sweet are you,

Iím thankful you were there,

I know that you and all you do,

Are answers to my prayer.


used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 




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