God be with you in your walk,

As you go on your way,

I wish you joy and happiness,

And love throughout each day.


I wish you comfort in your heart,

His peace within your soul,

Sharing all, with which youíre blessed,

Could be your daily goal.


Remember all thatís good in life,

And leave the rest behind,

Let memories reflect, but love,

When they are brought to mind.


May all your trials, your rugged miles,

Be few and far between,

When troubles knock upon your door,

May answers then be seen?


May every sunrise, each sunset,

Each rainbow that you view,

Bring great elation to your heart,

Refresh and comfort you.


At times, in quiet, still, dark hours,

When thoughts are clear and deep,

When all concerns and worldly cares,

Have then been put to sleep,


In solitude, these lonely times,

If they should ever be,

I only wish, once in a while,

That you will think of me.


 used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 





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