Behold The Unicorn

 - Carole McLaughlin -


Enchanted Forest, filled with silence

Hushed and waiting for the morn.

Comes the sound of prancing hoof beats,

Comes the mystic Unicorn.


Behold the Unicorn, majestic and strong

Flowers tangled in his mane,

Residing in the Enchanted Forest

Mystical powers he doth claim!


His coat is white, a satin sheen,

Reflecting shafts of silver moonlight.

As he moves silently among the fairies,

Guarding them from dark of night.


Behold the Unicorn, wild and free,

Magic powers said to own.

Behold this rare and handsome creature

As through the forest he doth roam!


His is a legendary magic

He can fly across the moon!

He unfolds wings of untold beauty

Leaving our presence all too soon.


Spiraled horn, affixed to forehead,

Nostrils flaring and blazing eyes!

Rearing upward, forelegs dancing,

He lifts his body toward the sky!


Full of beauty and full of grace,

A legend from long ago...

Behold our proud and magic creature,

Believe in magic and then you will know!


Behold the Unicorn, creature of the night

Legend from days of old

Behold this rare and magical creature

Whose mystery forever remains untold!


The midnight magic now surrounds him.

Stars look down on forest floor,

Brightness and beauty all around him

As he flies away once more!


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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