Beyond death there is still love

I feel your love each and every day

Every day since death took you away


I know you are always near

I feel you in my heart

I feel you by my side


Like wild flowers in a meadow

Soft kisses and warm hugs

Or perhaps I might look up

To see a bird take flight

Or hear a whippoorwill sing in the night

The beauty of your love is always with me


Each time I see the moon and stars

Or see the sun shining in the sky

Or hear children laughing

As they play happily in the park

I know that you are near


When the rain falls down on me

Or the snow falls soft and light

And the world is transformed

And everything seems right

I feel you here, I know you’re near


Yes, beyond death, there is still love

used by permission
Copyright © Jerri
All Rights Reserved 


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