I wanted you to love me,

To hold me in your heart,

The words I wanted most to hear,

Were, “we will never part.”


I wanted you to kiss me,

Your arms around me tight,

To be with me, each hour, each day,

Until each day was night,


I wanted you to touch me,

As only you could do,

A thrill that I cannot explain,

That comes from only you.


I wanted us to be as one,

From this day, evermore,

But all my hopes and dreams were gone,

When you walked out the door.


I watched, I hoped, I prayed that you,

Would turn, to question, “why”?

Now you are gone, I am alone,

And I will surely die.


Each day I wait, with hungry heart,

With aching arms for you,

Each day, I die a little more,

My love, for you, still true.

 used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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