Came You

With the Sweetness of the Season,
With the Sunshine, Bringing Life Anew...
Came Spring, Came Love, Came Laughter.
With the Loving Touch of Spring Came You!

Came Spring, Came Joy
Green Grass and Budding Trees.
Flowers Bright and Hearts So Light.
Came Spring, Came Birds, Came Buzzing Bees.

With Wondrous Words You Came, My Friend,
And Now My Heart has Bloomed Anew
With the Gladness of the Season,
Came Spring, Came Joy... Came You!

Your words surround me,
With words, you charmed me.
How can I resist their call?
Your words of caring,
With me you're sharing
I can't resist them...NOT AT ALL!

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved