The Castle
- Carole McLaughlin -
April, 2001


High on a hilltop, clinging to the rocks

A precious castle there doth stand.

home of Sir lancelot, lord of the realm

with excalibur, the mighty sword, in hand.



sir lance has built a mighty fortress

love, friendship and hope were the foundation.

he opened its' doors and made all wanderers welcome

and they came to the castle from every nation.



within the castle we all found friendship...

shelter from life's burdens and daily cares.

sir lance has created an oasis within its' walls,

where daily problems we can share.



Why a castle, why a realm

in these days of planes and buildings tall?

why a knight in shining armor?

why a knight that shall never fall?



every heart needs a castle

where friendship doth abound.

we all need this realm of tears and smiles

where someone cares, where love is found.



devoted to sir lancelot,

to the castle, the guardians all came.

they pledged loyalty and to give their all

to spread their great knight's fame.



guardians, friends, sir lancelot - all

loyal to the castle of our life.

god bless us in this place of wisdom

protect each one from worldly strife.



for in the castle, we have found our haven

with sir lancelot standing at the helm.

here is love and friendship, happiness and joy.

we have found a perfect realm.



lovely castle, precious castle

your embrace has set us free.

castle home and dear sir lancelot

we guardians pledge to thee!


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 



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