White as snow, eyes so trusting,
We found him all alone.
He called out softly, He needed help
And so we took him home!

Starving, injured, his heart so strong
We nursed him day after anxious day.
We named him Clifford, We loved him so!
Then Clifford to cat Heaven went to stay.

He fought so hard and we fought too
To give him back his life.
He seemed so happy, this is true
But he had lived through too much strife.

Clifford was valiant through it all
In spite of the life he had lived
He loved us as we loved him
He gave us all that he could give.

We'll miss our Clifford and his sweet ways,
His cuddling and his gentle purring noise.
He gave his love, he gave his all
Above all else, he brought us joy!


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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved