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Collections of Love and Light


Together we may never be,
But our hearts will bear no blame
For we live a pre-shaped destiny
And our love forever will remain.

If I were to love but once
While in this world I dwell,
My happiness of heart would be
To know I'd loved thee well.


May you find much happiness, my love,
And much love in the happiness you seek.

I cannot be strong enough to hold you to my breast, but close you out of my heart...


I can no longer be the object of your pleasure without being the instrument of your destruction.

It cannot be as it was before...
For each day I've loved you more.

For one brief moment our lives touched...
In that moment we shared a lifetime and lived an eternity.

Brightly shines another day.. another way.. another's heart...

May God grant you peace in life, sunshine on the path you follow, and happiness in your heart.

I know I shall remember longer than it took you to forget.

May the answer you find give you the happiness you seek.

I cannot believe my ears hear what my heart is saying.

I shall not be demanding of your time nor your attention, but I cannot alter my demands on your heart.

I will keep your love forever locked in my heart...
I pray my eyes do not deceive me and play games with the key.

I pray you will  keep my heart captive for as long as I am blessed with life.

Life will never again be as it was yesterday, nor will tomorrow be as it is today.

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used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


Background music 
~ "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
Please visit his web site
 Fireside melodies for Lovers


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