The Cowboy

He stands tall and straight, facing the dawn;
His eyes are shuttered to the sun.
The hat he wears is old and beaten
His long day's work has just begun.

But here he pauses with his memories,
This cowboy with nothing now to call his own.
Memories of a life of lonely isolation
Solitary memories of a man alone.

His thoughts return to bygone days
When he held her closely in his arms.
He wonders now why he ever left her
Why he resisted her lovely charms.

Out there, somewhere, waits his lover
Born his lonely heart to heal.
Out there, somewhere, how can he find her?
Once he does, will love be real?

Sadly, he shakes his head and
Relinquishes his hope, his memories.
He climbs upon his big black stallion
And gallops off toward the distant trees.





used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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