Dear Santa,


Please let my Mom and Daddy know,

that even though we have no presents,

our love will still grow.

We understand what presents are,

they don't come once a year,

we get them every day,

do you know that Santa dear?


My mom makes sure I eat,

she washes my little brother's feet.

My dad has a twinkle in his eye,

when Mama makes her apple pie.

We don't have much money they say,

taxes and bills take most of it away.

But mom says we're richer than most,

because we believe in the Holy Ghost.


I heard them talking, late last night,

worried over the Christmas plight.

Not knowing what to say or do,

Mama crying, no way to buy shoes.

So Santa, let Mama and Daddy know,

that on Christmas day,

that we've already gotten our gifts this year,

Their love, every day, they show.


When we wrap our arms around their necks,

make sure they know that we love them too,

because we have no money either Santa,

but we have love, yes we do!

When mom and dad lay down at night,

give them a present, the best one to keep!

Let them not worry over what to do,

give them instead, a good night's sleep.

This poem used with the permission of the poet
who wishes to remain 
The Mystery Writer 
but you may contact the poet
by clicking on the email button.



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