There is a darkness, never light
My mind is closing, my chest feels tight
Tears flow freely as I writhe in pain
Where is this place to which I came?

In the darkness, I reach out
Wanting to scream, to cry, to shout
Who brought me here, I am not sure
I want to leave, but there's no door!

Someone help me!  I'm falling now!
Reality escaped me, I don't know how!
I'm losing my sanity and all my hope
I've lost my way, I cannot cope!

Now all at once, a light I see
I walk toward my destiny
Darkness weakens, the future looms
I'm discovering joy, I'll leave this gloom.

To follow that tiny point of light
I know will bring me through this night
Back to a world with smiles each day
I faced my depression - sent it away!


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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved