East and West

Across the country from East to West
A simple e-mail flows.
A letter sent from me to you
Just to say Hello!

Then West to East an e-mail came
From you, direct to me.
I opened up your special note
I was as happy as could be!

And now we write most every day
About our dreams and feelings strong.
We write of hopes for happiness,
Of a life for which we long.

Friends so close;  We've never met
But I know one thing is true.
You'll always be my special friend
And I'll be here for you!

East and West are closer now.
Our Friendship will endure.
I look to West for friendship;
You look to the East, I'm sure!

East and West will meet someday,
And when we meet, I know
That we will find that certain bond
That into love will grow!

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved