I wish that I could take away
Unhappiness youve known,
For I would gladly harvest all,
The sad seeds you have sown.

I wish I could make up for all,
The love that you have lost,
If there were but a price to pay,
Id gladly bear the cost.

And if I could, I know I would,
Give comfort to your heart,
Id stop the clock and turn back time,
Give you another start.

I wish that I could still the pain
That grips your very soul,
Providing you with joyous smiles,
Would be my constant goal,

But I have not the power at all,
To erase memories,
 Nor do I have the wherewithal,
To blur what your heart sees.

I lack the skill that it would take,
To give a happy end,
Still I am here, and I am near,
And I will be your friend.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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