I pray that I may never be
Too busy for my friends,
And should I cause one heart to ache
That I may make amends.

Please grant that I may speak the truth
And never count the cost,
For truths untold and words unsaid
May cause a friendship lost.

And should a friend say things untrue
Then I would for him pray,
That he be granted peace once more
Within his heart some day.

I cannot see within the depths
Of any heart but mine,
But if I could, I wonder
What secrets I would find.

Would each be filled with goodness
And a conscience free and clear?
Would some be held imprisoned
By prejudice and fear?

While some may treasure riches
That fame or fortune sends,
The only wealth of which I boast
Is loyalty of friends.

My goal shall be to live and love,
Have faith and understand;
Because a heart that bears no friendship
Is a barren desert land.

Why should a friend, though miles away
Become less dear to me?
Because the face and voice I know
Is lost in memory?

I may travel this way only once
While in this world I dwell,
But may no word of friendship
On deafened ears  fall.

Too busy for my friends?
Ah! That shall never be,
Lest they become too busy
To be a friend to me.




used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 

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