Gentle Shadows
- Carole McLaughlin -
April, 2001

As penance, I must walk among the shadows...
Unsure, tired, so very lonely...
I trudge along - weary, with little hope
Wondering why...thinking, "if only ..."

The gentle shadows follow me
They sway as breezes push them to and fro..
They run ahead, they slip behind
Always with me as I go.

Gentle shadows, be my companion
Dance with me, comfort me and then
When the sun sets low behind the hillside,
Disappear, until you can be seen again.

Come the morning, rise the sun
Gentle shadows again appear...
Leading me through a time of sorrow
With reminders of the loneliness, the fear.

I can't ignore my friends, the shadows
They creep softly, near me now
Gentle, caring - creatures of God's making
Bound to me by nature's vow!

Throughout my lifetime, I've known these shadows,
Always with me when things aren't right.
The shadows of my memories -- quiet comfort
In sunshine, at twilight and in the dark of night.

If I must walk alone and friendless
I pray it be in twilight's glow.
I'll gladly walk among my shadows...
Gentle shadows...As the breezes blow.

used by permission
Copyright   Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved